Toronto and the AIDS Generation


I arrived in Toronto as planned—a city I have always loved—the city that was Cameron’s home.

The drive from Pearson was smooth until we reached downtown and the parade of the Santa’s, a fitting way to enter the city—the sign of good things to come. Immediately I felt at home. At the hotel I was greeted warmly by my sponsors eager to hear me read from the book –eager to hear stories of survival and resilience. Around me I felt other—my brothers—who also had been through this war. Their faces mark the scars of battle and their hearts fill with love when they see me and we see one another.

My flight had been delayed. I was hungry and made my want to the Starbucks for a Panini. As I sat, the music cam eon and so did my the voice of Kate Bush “Running Up that hill” perhaps the most important song in my life—the 2nd  sign.

The conference has not begun but already I feel a camaraderie and confection with those around me including the AIDS Generation veterans. Tomorrow will bring great things I know.

At the gym I though of Cameron—will speak about him tomorrow. When I got in the elevator a group of conference attendees were making their way to the room. They said hello and indicated they were from Thunder Bay. That’s where Cameron grew up.


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