How PrEP Is Making Making An Impact On HIV In Young Gay and Bisexual Men


prep-impact-gay-men-thumbDr. Perry N Halkitis, PH.D., M.S., MPH recently released an inforgraphic that discusses the facts of PrEP, those who are most affected, the advances and the future. His goal is to educate the community about Pre exposure Prophylaxis, which is also referred to as PrEP, and the impact it has on gay and bisexual men.

Approximately 2 to 5% of the population are gay and bisexual men. However gay and bisexual men represent 50% of all those living with HIV in the U.S., and 60% of those were infected in the year 2010. Those who are most affected are Hispanic men, black men, gay men and bisexual men. The HIV epidemic has affected the lives of up to three generations of gay and bisexual men in the United States. Gay and bisexual men experience a disproportionate burden of the epidemic, representing a health disparity.

The past three decades the only source of prevention had been using a condom. Today, when properly dosed the use of Truvada (a medication used to treat HIV infection) has been proven to highly reduce the likelihood of acquiring HIV.

Please click on the thumbnail on the left to view the full size of the infographic and checkout some of the interesting statistics on how PrEP is making an impact on HIV in gay and bisexual men.





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