Dr. Halkitis’ Selected Academic Articles

Below you will find articles written by Dr. Perry N Halkitis on subjects relating to HIV/AIDS, gay men’s health, drug abuse and substance addiction, sex risks as well as health and human development for gay men.


Perry N. Halkitis, PhD, Marybec Griffin-Tomas, MA (2017). HIV criminalization and the public’s health: Policy considerations in the era of Treatment as Prevention (TasP) and Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP)

Ompad, D.C., Kapadia, F., Bates, F.C., Blachman-Forshay, J., & Halkitis, P.N.  (2015). Racial/ethnic differences in the association between arrest and unprotected anal sex among young men who have sex with men.  Journal of Urban Health. Epub ahead of print.

Heckman, T.G. & Halkitis, P.N. (2014). Biopsychosocial aspects of HIV and aging. Behavioral Medicine, 40(3), 81-84.

Meyers, K., Rodriguez, K., Moeller, R.W., Gratch, I., Markowitz, D., & Halkitis, P.N. (2014). High interest in a long-acting injectable formulation of pre-exposureprophylaxis for HIV in a cohort of young men who have sex with men in NYC: aP18 cohort substudy. PloS ONE,9(12), e114700. doi:10.137.

Ompad, D.C., Kingdon, M.J., Kupprat, S.A., Halkitis, S.N., Storholm, E.D., & Halkitis P.N. (2014).  Smoking and HIV-related health issues among olderHIV+ gay, bisexual and other MSM.  Behavioral Medicine, 40(3),99-107.

Biopsychosocial Drivers of the Syndemic among Gay, Bisexual, and other MSM

Halkitis, P.N., Kapadia, F, Bub, K.L., Barton, S., Moreira, A.D., & Stults, C.B. (2014). A longitudinal investigation of syndemic conditions among young gay, bisexual, and other MSM: The P18 cohort study. AIDS and Behavior. Epub ahead of print.

Duncan,D.T., Kapadia, F., & Halkitis, P.N. (2014).Examination of spatial polygamy among young gay, bisexual, and other men whochave sex with men in New York City. International Journal of Environmental Research in Public Health, 11, 8962-8983

Crystal methamphetamine use and HIV transmission among gay and bisexual men. Current Addiction Reports. Epub ahead of print. Halkitis, P.N., Levy, M.D., Moreira, A.D, & Ferrusi, C.N. (2014).

Temporal relations between methamphetamine use and HIV seroconversion in gay, bisexual, and other men who have sex with men. Journal of Health Psychology. Epub ahead of print. Halkitis, P.N., Levy, M.D., & Solomon, T. (2014).

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Evidence for a syndemic in aging HIV-positive gay, bisexual, and other MSM: implications for a holistic approach to prevention and healthcare. Halkitis, P.N., Kupprat, S.A., Hampton, M.E, Perez-Figueroa, R., Kingdon, M., Eddy, J. & Ompad, D.C. (2012). . Annals of Anthroplogical Practice, 36(2), 365-386.

Age and education-matched comparison of agingHIV+ MSM to general population on common neuropsychological assessments. Kupprat, S.A., Halkitis, P.N., Perez Figueroa, R., Solomon, T. Ashman, T, Kingdon, M., & Levy, M. (2013). Journal of Health Psychology. Epub ahead of print.

Individual and psychosocial determinants of unprotected anal intercourse in a new generation of young men who have sex with men in New York City Halkitis, P. N., Kapadia, F., Siconolfi, D. E., Moeller, R.W., Perez-Figueroa, R.E., Barton, S. C., & Blachman-Forshay, J. E. (2013). American Journal of Public Health, 103(5), 889-895.

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A holistic approach to addressing HIV infection disparities in gay, bisexual, and other MSM Halkitis, P.N., Wolitski, R.W., & Millet, G. A. (2013). American Psychologist, 68(4), 261-273.

Obama, marriage equality, and the health of gay men Halkitis, P.N (2012). American Journal of Public Health, 102(9), 1628-1629.

Sexual behaviors of adolescent, emergent and young adult  MSM  ages 13-29 in New York City Halkitis, P.N. Brockwell, S., Siconolfi, D., Sussman, R., Moeller, R.W., Mourgues, P.J., Cutler, B., & Sweeney, M.M. (2011). Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes, 56(3), 285-291.

Evaluation of the relative effectiveness of three HIV testing strategies targeting African American Men who Have Sex With Men (AAMSM) in New York City  Halkitis, P.N., Kupprat, S.A., Hubbard McCree, D., Simons, S.M., Jaboiun, R., Hampton, M.C, Gillen, S. (2011). Annals of Behavioral Medicine, 42(3), 361-369.

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Meaning and manifestations of religiosity and spirituality among lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender adults Halkitis, P.N., Mattis, J., & Sahadath, J., Massie, D., Ladyzhenskaya, L.  Pitrelli, K., Bonacci, M. & Cowie, S-A. E. (2009). Journal of Adult Development, 16(4), 250-262.

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Methamphetamine use among gay, bisexual and non-identified men-who-have-sex-with-men: an analysis of daily patterns and contexts for use Halkitis, P.N., Solomon, T. M., Moeller, R.W., Doig, S.A.R, Espinosa, L.S, Siconolfi D., & Homer, B.D. (2009). Journal of Health Psychology 14(2), 222-231.

A comparative analysis of methamphetamine use: black gay and bisexual men in relation to men of other races Halkitis, P.N., & Jerome, R. (2008). Addictive Behaviors, 33, 83-93.

Steroid use in gay, bisexual, and non-identified men-who-have-sex-with-men: relations to masculinity, physical and mental health Halkitis, P.N., Moeller, R.W., &DeRaleau, L.B.  (2008). Psychology of Men and Masculinity, 9(2), 106-115.

Sexual practices of gay, bisexual and other non-identified MSM attending New York City gyms: patterns of serosorting, strategic positioning, and context selection Halkitis, P.N., Moeller, R.W., & Pollock, J. (2008). Journal of Sex Research, 45(3),453-461

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Risk bases in childhood and adolescence among HIV-negative young adult gay male barebackers Halkitis, P.N., Siconolfi, D., Fumerton, M., & Barlup. K. (2008). Journal of Gay & Lesbian Social Services, 20(4), 288-314.